Exposing RICO Violations by McDonald’s to the FBI

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From: Vincent B. Le Corre
Date sent: January 30, 2023, 15:24 +0800 (China Standard Time)
To: Adam Rogalski (Legal Attaché/State Department), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Cc: Edward Lehman
Note: since Assistant Legal Attaché Adam Rogalski told me on 2021-09-20 that he was “one of the FBI representatives,” I assume that this communication was transferred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Click on this link to visualize the original email: 2023-01-30_1524_0800_OFF_THE_RECORD_FOR_NOW.pdf

Dear Mr. Rogalski,

There is nothing secret or sensitive in this email. (except the demonstration that McDonald’s USA and McDonald’s Corporation have engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity within the U.S.A. also)

This email is CCed to Mr. Lehman.

Off the record for now, but what I am saying in this email, I will very soon formally notify you and the FBI and lots of other people.

Very quickly, an informal explanation as to why there is also a RICO pattern of racketeering activity within the United States.

I will explain in a better way later with a video if you want, or face to face if you were to agree to meet me, but I can assure you I am right. It took me a very long time to understand because it’s so counter intuitive and we all biases, we all have tendencies to even immediately think it’s impossible for McDonald’s to be a criminal entity.


“What is money laundering? With few exceptions, criminals are motivated by one thing-profit. Greed drives the criminal, and the end result is that illegally-gained money must be introduced into the nation’s legitimate financial systems.” (I emphasize)

The explanation sent to New York Times journalist Constant Méheut, explanation of the fraud regarding the instant-win fraud for France for the year 2011, this one:

I assume that you understand and agree that the instant-win for France for 2011 constitutes fraud. (Serious fraud since it targeted children also)

But do you understand the, for example, 2013 instant-win fraud which happened within the United States?


First, for the record, print a copy of this page:
And you can already forward it to the FBI.
I attach a PDF to this email.

In the USA, for 2013, McDonald’s criminally claimed:

“one-in-four* odds of winning”

“* Odds are based on Game Pieces (each has 2 Game Stamps); mostly food prizes.”

So, odds based on 2 Game Stamps.

I once made a mistake. There was a time I mistakenly thought there was a difference between “a double sticker” and “a double winning sticker”. In France, they used the term “double winning sticker” and there was a time I thought it made a difference. Actually, given the context (probability of winning), it makes no difference. Why? Because since we calculate the probability of winning and not losing, and the fact McDonald’s claims there is at least 1 chance of winning, there must therefore necessarily be at least 1 winning sticker in the basis of the calculation.

By trying to defraud people legally (which would be illegal no matter what since it’s illegally to intentionally try to scam people and that the fine print is in itself the proof of intent) McDonald’s messed up and actually committed some extremely serious frauds.

When McDonald’s in France states that the basis is a “double winning sticker” in calculating the probability of winning, the adjective “winning” is actually redundant/repetitive/superfluous.

So, for the year 2013, in the U.S.A. McDonald’s defrauded consumers by a four-fold deviation from what they promised.

Like I explained in the 2-page Statement of Facts:

It’s exactly as if a jewelry store started selling jewelries claiming it’s 12k gold but the fine print would claim that it’s actually 24k gold and in reality it would only be 6k gold.

What’s terrible is that despite the fact McDonald’s Corporation knew (since at least 2015, if not 2013 and/or if not 2012!), they kept defrauding American consumers including many children (aggravating circumstances) in 2016 when an edition of the fraud took place again in America (see attached file screen shot “USA2016 copy.png”).

By the way, this file “USA2016 copy.png” has been displaced on my computer shortly after I started contacting Mr. Lehman and I believe the security of my computer has been compromised because files simply don’t get moved like this. Furthermore, I was hacked, if I recall correctly, fall… 2018 or 2019, I can double check.

Best regards,

Vincent Le Corre

Click on this link to visualize the original document: USA2016_copy.png
Click on this link to visualize the original document: 2013_MONOPOLY_Game_at_McDonalds_Returns_with_a_Chance_to_Win_One_Million_Dollar_Prize_on_Big_Mac.pdf
Click on this link to visualize the original email: 2023-01-30_1524_0800_OFF_THE_RECORD_FOR_NOW.pdf

To gain a clearer understanding of the sequence of events in this case, I invite you to view a detailed timeline at the following link:
This timeline provides a comprehensive overview of the key milestones and developments.


Vincent B. Le Corre

I am the key witness and whistleblower in the major criminal RICO case targeting McDonald’s Corporation and their accomplices for fraud, money laundering, and corruption of foreign officials and magistrates. Initially granted anonymity by the European Court of Human Rights (Rules 33 and 47 of the Rules of Court), I made the decision in August 2023 to temporarily go public with my identity. This decision, driven by concerns for my own safety and that of my loved ones, was taken despite the potential risks, hoping it will be temporary only and that I can return to anonymity soon.